Weeks & Contents

1 Anti-derivatives and Indefinite Integrals

2 Method of Substitution,  Integration by Rational Fractions 

3 Techniques of Integration, Integration by Parts 

4 Areas between curves and Applications

5 Matrices, equality of matrices, transpose of a matrix, special matrices 

6 Matrix addition and scalar multiplication, subtraction of matrices, Matrix Multiplication 

7 Systems of linear equations, Solving systems of equations by elimination method 

8 Solving a system by reducing matrices, Row reduced echelon form 

9 Determinants, Finding Inverses, examples 

10 Functions of Several Variables, Partial Derivatives 

11 Marginal cost for functions of two variables 

12 Marginal cost for functions of two variables 

13 Relative Extrema with Examples from Economy 

14 Lagrange Multipliers with Examples from Economics